Performing Umrah is one of the greatest blessings of Allah (SWT). Everyone has the desire to perform this act whether he is a child or old. Because Umrah is a minor pilgrimage for Muslims. However, Umrah has some rituals, without them, Umrah cannot be complete. One of the main rituals of Umrah is cutting hair which is called Halq/Taqsir. 

The practice of Halq involves completely shaving the head after performing Umrah. This act is compulsory only for women. After Tawaf, pilgrims must complete this activity to leave the stage of Ihram. 

Taqsir advised to women for cutting their hair. Women are often confused about cutting their hair. This article (How much hair should a woman cut after Umrah?) can be very helpful for women who do not know much about hair trimming, especially during Umrah. Read this article carefully to know the right answer. 

Now, a woman doesn't need to accompany her male relative to Umrah. Because she can perform it herself after getting an appropriate Umrah Package.

What is Taqsir?

Taqsir is the main ritual of Umrah which refers to women. Taqsir is the Wajib (obligatory) act that must be carried out to leave the state of Ihram. It is related to cutting hair. Taqsir is the haircut requirement to complete Umrah.  

How much hair should a woman cut after Umrah?

Performing Taqsir is an obligatory act for women. Taqsir is the last ritual of Umrah completion in the state of Ihram. The proper way for women to leave the state of Ihram is to choose the Taqsir instead of the Halq. This is a slightly different process than the laws of man. Women should cut their hair by about one inch. Women must cut an inch of their head’s hair equal to the length of a fingertip. The way is that all the hair must be cut short. 

When performing Taqsir, a woman must cut all ends of the hair to at least the length of a fingertip. Even if a woman has short hair, it must be slightly cropped to successfully exit Ihram and finish the pilgrimage.

Ibn Qudamah said:

The way a woman cuts her hair short when finishing the rituals (of Hajj or Umrah) is to gather all the parts of her hair together, and cut from the ends of the hair the length of a fingertip.  

The preferred way of cutting hair is to cut all the hair (hanging hair) equal to 1/3 of the finger. The area of the first joint of a finger from the three joints is said to be 1/3 of a finger. 


Women’s Taqsir Rules

Women should perform Taqsir rather than Halq, to be released from Ihram. All hair ends must be cut to the length of a fingertip for performing Taqsir. If a woman’s hair is short it must be slightly cut to escape from Ihram condition.

Umrah haircut Importance

According to Umrah rules, pilgrims must perform either Halq or Taqsir to leave Ihram. Women must trim/cut their hair to the length of a fingertip to remove Ihram. This ritual has special meaning, as one's head hair is associated with appearance and vanity in the outside world. To complete the Umrah, one must follow it and adhere to the path of spirituality. 


Taqsir is a requirement for women only. It should be performed after making all the rituals of Umrah. After doing the Taqsir you may be called a proper pilgrim. If you have done your Umrah package then you must know the basic rules of Umrah e.g. Taqsir.

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